A button provides you with the opportunity to link to various sections within the flow. You can choose between different actions:
Simple next and URL redirect buttons
A video walkthrough of some of the Button block options

Button Types

Next screen
The flow continues on to the following screen.
Go back
The flow returns to the screen where the user came from (without validating the current screen).
Go to screen
With this action you can set the next screen explicitly.
This action is only used in combination with Multiple Choice or Picture Choice when the Link mode is disabled. This action checks the selected answers to a block with conditional logic before continuing on the next screen.
This action submits the user's inputs to the Heyflow servers that then delivers it to you via the integrations. The submit button is usually used once at the end of the flow. See also submit.
Redirect to URL
The user is redirected to the specified URL when clicking the button. You can also add variables to the URL simply by typing in @{variable} which will be replaced by the variable's value. See Variables.
Close model (embedded)
If you have integrated your Heyflow as a pop-up, you can close the pop-up (module) with this action.
Without a submit action in your flow you won't be able to collect any information. You should also be aware that the use of more than just one submit actions in your flow may lead to inconsistent and distorted data.

Edit Options

Option name
Align the text content: left, center or right.
Select the maximum width of the block.
Define the distance to the top, right, bottom and left of this block.
Label align
Determine how the label text and icon are aligned within the button.
Container align
If you toggle the shrink option at the bottom of the edit menu, you can then choose how you would like it to be aligned within the screen.
Change the color of the button. You can edit the colors in the design tab.
Choose from button style options such as ghost (text & icon only), outline, or fill.
Change the size of the container, text, and icon simultaneously.
By clicking on the default arrow icon in the edit menu, choose from thousands of icons, and you'll be sure to find one that fits just right.
Flip the order of the text and icon within the button
Shrink the container to only the size of the text and icon.