Picture Choice

This block is similar to Multiple Choice but provides you with the option to make it more intuitive by adding images to an answer.
Preview of a simple picture option with option 'bird' selected.
Video walktrough of the Picture Choice block.

Label, Add Options, and Reorder

In the content column, you can give further information or directions in the label area, add more options by clicking the plus new option button
, and reorder your existing options by grabbing the six dots
to the far right of each choice.

Edit Options

Edit options for the Picture Choice block with single and conditional logic selected.
Option name
Select choices
Select Single to allow the user to select exactly one option. Select Multiple if you want to allow the user to select multiple options. Note: Make sure to disable Link Modeif you want to allow multiple selections.
With preselection
If you want some options to be preselected when the user reaches this screen.
Link Mode
When this option is activated the navigation is triggered when the respective option is clicked.
Defines the default destination for all options.
{X}: {Option Label}
Explicitly defines the destination for this option.
Align options
Applicable if the options are not equally distributed on all rows (e.g., 3 options in the first row and 2 options in the second row). This then applies to the options in the last row.
With description
Adds another line below the label to all options. The content can be edited in the content panel.
Align siblings
If this option is activated, all sibling elements that are wider than the picture choice block will be scaled down to the width of the picture choice.
System Label