Use the text block to add small bodies of text and add different styles.

Content, Font Size, and Style

A single paragraph with no styling.
In the content block, you can define the size and hierarchy of the paragraph by selecting h1, h2, .... h6. You can also select some text and define the text style, e.g., b for bold, I for italic or Uunderlined.
By pressing enter (⏎) on your keyboard, you can add a new paragraph.
A text block with 3 paragraphs: h1, h4, and regular with bold, italics and underlining
Note: If the font-weight for the respective hX has been defined to be bold in the design tab, selecting bold has no effect. This is often applicable for h1 and h2.

Edit Options

Edit options for text: Align, Width and Padding.
Option name
Align the text content: left, center, or right.
Select the maximum width of the block.
Define the distance to the top, right, bottom and left of this block.