Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic lets you create a clickflow that reacts to people’s answers. Respondents never have to see irrelevant questions anymore.
Clickflows that utilize conditional logic achieve higher conversion rates, through a personalized experience.
This feature is available for Picture Choice and Multiple Choice.
When do you need it specifically? An example: Let's survey people about their favorite food. We start with the first question, “Are you a pizza or a burger person?”. People who select pizza will only be displayed pizza related questions after the first question while burger people will only see burger specific questions going forward.

Here is how you can add conditional logic to your heyflow

1 First, drag the Picture Choice (or Multiple Choice) building block on the screen.
2 We will only provide visitor with two answer options, so we delete the two last options.
3 Now we name each option and add an icon to it.
4 As the next step we select the Picture Choice building block and make sure that Conditional Logic and Link Mode is enabled at the menu on the left. This will enable us to select a subsequent screen for each answer.
5 To ensure relevancy throughout the flow we connect each answer with a relevant screen. This is done by selecting the screen name of from the drop down menu.
6 It's that easy! Now, no pizza lover will have to answer questions about burgers anymore.
Of course, you can do much more than divide people into pizza or burger lovers!
That was just a quick example. Conditional Logic provides you with endless opportunities, so be creative.