Airtable Integration

Heyflow offers an easy solution to gather the lead information collected through your clickflow into your Airtable workspace
  1. 1.
    Go to your Airtable account and create a new base for the data by clicking on create base. If you do not have an account create a new one beforehand.
Shows an Airtable account
2. Now click on your account in the upper right corner and in the account overview will be the API Key.
3. Copy your ”hidden” API Key and head over to the Heyflow Builder.
Shows the selected hidden API Key
4. Click on Integrate and then on the Airtable Integration within the Heyflow Builder.
5. Now paste the API Key into the field API Key.
Shows the Heyflow Builder - Copied API Key
6. Now go back to your Airtable account and click on the base you have just created, where the data should be collected.
7. Click on the Question Mark/Help in the upper right corner and select API documentation.
Shows where the API documentation can be found
8. In the Introduction you will find the ID of the base.
Shows the selected Base ID
9. Copy the ID and head back to the Heyflow Builder.
10. Paste the ID into the field Base ID.
11. Go back to the base of your airtable account and copy the table name in the upper left corner.
12. Go back to the Heyflow builder and paste the table name into the field table name.
13. For the last step go back to the airtable base you need to create a column where all the data will be gathered. You can either choose one that is provided like Notes or create a new column. Then you have to type something in this specific column for example in the first field to activate it.
Shows how to creaet a new column as well as something typed into the first field in notes
14. You copy the name of this specific column and head back to the Heyflow Builder
15. Paste the name of the column in the field for extra data column name.
16. Click Save and publish your flow again with the publish button on the top then you have set up the basic Airtable integration.
If you would like to get specific data in separate columns these additional steps are for you.
Note: Go through the flow once so you can see if it works and all the data collected will be in the column you selected. Once it works follow the steps below.
1. Go to the base of your airtable account.
2.You can find the labels if you click on one of the fields in notes and then select the specific label you would like to receive in another column.
Shows the selected label
3. Click on add column and select single line text.
4. Then paste this value into the single line of text.
Shows the inserted label
5. Now you have to copy the date from the Notes to this specific column in order to activate it for the future.
Shows the copied values in the newly created columns
6. Head back to the Heyflow builder and publish your flow again.
Next time someone walks through the clickflow the data will be in this specific column.