Custom Domain

3 short steps to connect your website and Heyflow Clickflow
The Heyflow software offers you the simple possibility to make your Heyflow Clickflow available on your URL, resp. domain. Before you can start, the following two requirements must be met: 1. You must have booked a domain from one of the many providers (e.g. Namecheap.com, Strato.de, etc.). 2. You must have published your Heyflow Clickflow. This is easily done by clicking the corresponding "Publish" button.
Since websites and domains are provided by third-party providers, this guide works on the basis of a selected third-party provider, in our case namecheap.com. You can, of course, choose any provider of your choice, just keep in mind that some of their wording is different from our provider's wording.
Step 1: Third-party DNS setting
Log into the customer account of your hosting provider and navigate to the DNS settings. There you should see a screen similar to the one displayed below:
Important for you is the tabular representation of the host records here. The terms "Type", "Host" and "Value" vary from provider to provider, so don't let this put you off. Other providers should use similar terms, so that you can find your way around after a short time.
Step 2: Preparation of the Heyflow Clickflow
Now that we have found the hosting provider settings that are important to us, we can switch to our Clickflow. Please make sure once again that your flow is online by clicking "Publish" as shown in the picture:
Now you can switch to the "Settings" tab and connect your domain to Heyflow by clicking on "Domain". Simply type in the domain you want to use to access the Heyflow Clickflow and click on "Add domain" as shown in the example.
Now you should see a screen similar to the one shown below. The error messages (orange and red) are completely normal, since we have not yet established the connection to the domain we want. However, you can see the parameters that are important for us ("Host", "Entry" and "Required Data"), which only need to be transferred to the DNS settings of our host provider from step 1.
Step 3: Transfer DNS parameters from Heyflow to the hosting provider
First, switch back to the DNS settings of your hosting provider and to the display from Figure 1. By clicking on "Add new record", you now create new entries and transfer the parameters from the Heyflow software (Figure 4). You can see that in our example with namecheap.com: "Entry" in Heyflow is entered as "Type" in neamcheap.com and similarly applies to the parameters "Host" and "Required Data" (Figure 5).
After transferring the parameters it should look like this within your DNS settings look like this:
After you have successfully applied the entries, you can check whether the values match by clicking "Check" in the Heyflow software. If all values are correct, you can now connect the domain by clicking the "Connect" button.
Please note that depending on your choice regarding the hosting provider, the successful activation of the connection may take up to 48 hours.
Congratulations you have now successfully connected your self-selected domain to your Heyflow Clickflow! Went easier than you thought at first, didn't it?
Step 4: Connecting more subdomains to your Heyflow Clickflow
Additionally you can connect subdomains, e.g. clickflow.your-domain.com with your Heyflow Clickflows.
This step is almost identical to the steps 1-3. You simply click "Add Domain" and add your desired subdomain. In our example (beta.billy-goatscaping.com). You will quickly notice that the newly generated parameters are identical to those previously transferred. Only one of the newly generated entries is not identical as you can see in the following figure (host = beta). The host is identical to the selected subdomain (beta).
All you need to do now is transfer the new parameter (CNAME entry) into the DNS settings of your hosting provider and you will have the new subdomain connected.
After you have successfully transferred the new entries, you can check if your website has been successfully connected by clicking "Check" in the Heyflow software.
Please note that depending on your choice of hosting provider, the successful activation of the connection may take up to 48 hours.
Congratulations, after a few clicks you now have your second domain (subdomain) connected to Heyflow!