Google Sheets

A powerful yet easy way to collect responses is our Google Sheet integration
All you need to connect Google Sheets to Heyflow is a Google Account. If you don't already have one, set up a Google account here – it's free!
Note: Each flow can be integrated with one Google sheet – in other words, you can’t integrate the same flow with multiple Google Sheets.

Here is how to integrate Google Sheets

1 Go to the Integration page and select the Google Sheets response handler.
2 In the next step, create a new Google Sheet as usual.
3 To enable your flow to access the sheet and add responses to it you have to share edit rights with the following email address: [email protected]. Save your settings and agree on sharing the rights with Heyflow.
Note: If you don't share the required edit rights with us Heyflow won't be able to insert any responses to your Google Sheet. Also, it might take up to 5 minutes for the edit rights to become active.
Google might get asked if you really want to share your sheet with Heyflow. Please agree and don't worry: Heyflow will only have access rights to this particular Google Sheet and will only use access rights to insert your data and nothing else.
4 Next, copy the Spreadsheet ID from the URL and Sheet ID from the bottom of your sheet to the predefined input fields in your Heyflow flow's integration page.
Spreadsheet ID: Copy everything between spreadsheet/d/ and /edit e.g., docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/[Your Spreadsheet ID]/edit
Sheet ID: You can find the Sheet ID at the bottom of your sheet.
5 You are almost done! Just make sure you copied the right Spreadsheet ID and Sheet ID into the input fields and click Save.