Zapier Integration

Once you have created your Heyflow clickflow, you can integrate it with various tools and apps using Heyflow's native integrations or Zapier.

About this Guide

Zapier is a web-based application to connect different apps and tools. While Heyflow offers a certain amount of native integrations you might want to integrate specific other apps or tools with your clickflow. Use Zapier to connect 2,000+ software apps with Heyflow to create your perfect workflow.
We wrote this guide to show you how easy it can be to integrate a specific tool with your Heyflow. In our example, we will send newly generated leads an SMS. Heyflow does not offer a native SMS-integration and therefore we use Zapier to connect SMS77 with our clickflow.


  • Active Heyflow subscription
  • Zapier account on Zapier.com (The starting plan is enough)
  • An account on SMS77 or another software-tool you want to integrate

Integrating Zapier

  1. 1.
    Login to Zapier.com and click on "MAKE A ZAP"
Dashboard of Zapier
2. Choose “Webhooks by Zapier“ as App You can search for this App by searching for „webhook” in the search bar.
3. Choose „Catch Hook“ as an event 4. Click on „Continue“
5. Copy your “Custom Webhook URL” by clicking on “Copy"
6. Switch to the Heyflow App 7. Go to the "Integrate"-section within the Heyflow App
Heyflow App
8. Choose “Zapier” as integration 9. Insert your copied Webhook-URL in the respective field 10. Switch to the „Publish“-section of the Heyflow App
Heyflow App
11. Click on “Publish my flow” to update the connection to Zapier 12. To generate data, you have to click through your clickflow and on a button with a 'submit' event. 13. Go back to Zapier 15. By clicking on the plus, you can add an additional action. In our case, we would like to add SMS77 to send an SMS to our newly generated leads
Note: After publishing your clickflow, Zapier can receive your generated clickflow data and use it for the further steps you would like to trigger.
Note: The next steps could differ heavily depending on the software-tool you would like to integrate. We are following the integration of our chosen SMS-Tool to make this integration complete.
16. Choose “SMS77” as your App or your wished-for software-tool to connect
17. Choose the action that's triggered when receiving data from your flow – in our case, we select “Send SMS77”
18. Click on “Continue”
19. Log in to your SMS77-Account or the account of your software-tool you would like to connect.
20. Allow Zapier to gain access to your software-tool – In our case, SMS77 offers an API key to grant access.
21. Fill out the information fields about your software integration. When connecting SMS77 with Zapier we enter a sender ID which is displayed as the sender of our future SMS. a. It can be a name like M Mustermann (maximum of 11 letters without special characters) b. It can also be a mobile phone number like „49151700000000“ (without „+“).
22. In the field “Recipient” insert the block „mobile phone number“
23. You can insert a custom text within the field „text“ which is then displayed in the SMS that our leads receive a. Personalization of your text can be achieved by adding the respective information blocks like „name”
Great! You are now all set up to integrate 2,000+ apps and tools with Zapier!